The variety of walks on offer in Australia is nothing short of extraordinary. Blessed with vast landscapes that range from tropical rain forest to rugged bushland to virgin coastline to alpine country, the walking menu in this island continent is endless.

In particular, Australia has enormous tracts of forested wilderness. It’s simply referred to as bush and much of it is devoid of any form of civilisation. Walking tracks allow us to make small entries and experience a remote and primal land. Australia provides a unique opportunity to experience the world as it once was. 

Hardy Australians have always hiked or “gone bushwalking” in their rugged backyard. Independent multi-day bushwalking has had a small but avid following for years. In more recent times, the tourist industry and tourism authorities have woken up to the potential of guided and self-guided walking. Now, the options for multi-days walks of this type are multiplying rapidly and areas previously reserved to the hardy are far more accessible. 

Australia is divided into six states and two territories. Between them, they encompass a wide variety of terrains, flora and fauna.


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