The world’s best walks are our speciality. Whether you want a cruisy walk holiday with creature comforts or something more challenging, we can help. With our extensive walking knowledge and experience, we navigate clients through the vast array of walks, walking tour operators and walking holiday products on offer.


Our Passion

At Walk Travel Advisory walking is our passion. With 30 years experience organising and undertaking walking trips, we have a deep knowledge of the world’s best walks and we apply that knowledge to assist our clients to find their perfect walking holiday.


Our Services

As a travel advisor, we do all the time consuming analysis of the myriad walks and walking holidays on offer. From there, we can tailor an itinerary which best suits the needs of a client. Our advice is independent. We do not have affiliations with travel providers or tour operators.

As a travel agent, we can make all the necessary bookings on behalf of our clients. These bookings include walking holidays and ancillary services such as accommodation, transfers and travel insurance.

Our role as a travel agent also extends to providing back-up support and advice during your travels. We aim to solve any unexpected issues and to liaise with the relevant tour operators.


Our Reach

We are based in Melbourne, Australia but our reach is worldwide. Using a range of communication tools we help clients around the globe. And, of course, the walks we help plan and organise could be anywhere.


Our Costs

Our remuneration comes in two forms:

  • First, for those clients solely seeking travel advice and a suggested itinerary for their walking holiday, we charge a flat fee of A$250. Our suggested itineraries include various options, chosen based on each client’s interests and requirements.

  • Secondly, where we book travel, we will generally receive commission from the relevant travel providers.

Where we provide travel advice to a client and also book the travel, the advice fee is refunded if we receive commission on the booking. This means we have no incentive to exclude travel providers that don’t pay commission. It also means that where we advise and book, our clients get the advice for free.