Shikoku Island


The Region

Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s four major islands and the most tranquil. It is encircled by the renowned Shikoku pilgrimage which visits 88 Buddhist temples in honour of ninth century monk Kukai and covers a staggering distance of 1,200 km (750 m).

The island’s coastal regions are dotted with fishing villages and sea salt collecting areas. The mountainous and rural interior is covered with hiking trails, valleys, forests, rivers and whitewater rapids. Matsuyama is one of the island’s major cities and home to 8 of the pilgrimage temples. Other historical sights in Matsuyama include the feudal era Matsuyama Castle and one of the oldest hotspring spas at Dogo Onsen.

The Walks

The 88 temples are organised into four main clusters which enable the Shikoku pilgrimage to be divided into shorter trails. There are a number of tour operators offering a variety of walking trips.

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