Kii Peninsula


The Region

The remote and mountainous Kii Peninsula offers a wonderful combination of stunning natural beauty and spiritual calm. It is the largest peninsula on the main island of Honshu in Japan and is located in south central Honshu, south of Nara and Osaka. The peninsula has two national parks - Ise Shima and Yoshino Kumano as well as the Nanki Kumano Geopark on the southern coast.

Lonely Planet placed the Kii Peninsula in the “Top ten destinations in the World” category in 2018. The quiet temple town of Mt Koya is Japan’s most sacred site and a spiritual hub for Shingon Buddhism.  The peninsula showcases many aspects of natural beauty such as dense rainforests, rivers, gorges, unique rock formations and waterfalls including the breathtaking Nachi Falls. 

The Kii Peninsula is home to the UNESCO World Heritage ancient pilgrimage trail of the Kumano Kodo. Only two pilgrim trails in the world have been awarded this status. Kumano is the traditional name for the southern part of the peninsula. Along the route, walkers visit sacred shrines, natural hot springs and traditional villages. Local delicacies include oysters, soy sauce and plum wine.

The Walks

There are many wonderful multi-day walks on the Kii Peninsula and there are a number of tour operators offering a variety of walking trips.

The most well-known of the multi-day walks on the Kii Peninsula is the Kumano Kodo.

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